Join my DAILY Zoom dance fitness sessions to virtually connect with friends and new faces!
Each session will be donation-based ($5 is recommended per session). All proceeds will be used to support Deaf mentor programs in India. Some of you may know that Bilal Chinoy (my husband) and I co-founded Young Achievers, to support Bilingual Deaf Education in India. Over the past six years, we have worked with Deaf professionals and parents of Deaf children in India to provide quality bilingual education in the form of Deaf mentor programs, professional development for educators, set up of classroom libraries, and the opportunity to participate in international youth camps.
We have supported several Deaf children and their families by hiring Deaf teachers and providing them professional development opportunities to serve as Deaf mentors. Although awareness regarding the importance of early access to Indian Sign Language has increased, the Indian government is yet to invest in Deaf mentor programs to meet the increasing demand for bilingual early education services. Your contribution will make a huge difference in the lives of Deaf children who have limited or no access to communication at home.

All you need to join my dance fitness sessions is a laptop and access to the internet. So what are you waiting for?!

Mon, Wed, & Fri
5 pm to 6 pm EST
Sat & Sun
10:30 am to 11:30 am EST
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